Desserts are indisputably mankind’s best creation. The silky taste of chocolate melting on your tongue, the tart burst of sweetness on your tongue when you bite a strawberry puff, the thick, cool cream atop a salty, rich cheese cake are just some examples of the sheer pleasure and satisfaction manifested by desserts. Feeling sad? Have ice cream. Feeling happy? Have some cake. Feeling depressed? Have chocolate. Feeling confused? Have another piece of cake, it helps, believe me.

There are only a handful of things which impel even the most stingy of us to spend exuberantly, and the craving for a godly dessert, once in a while, is definitely one of those things. I have seen the most kanjoos people go all out for a good soufflé, cookie skillet or a delicious piece of cheesecake. However, as the trend of throwing dollar wads for fancy dining has reached new heights, desserts and the ingredients used to make them have taken on a whole new dimension. Fancy a diamond fruitcake next time you have tea? Then go over this list of the priciest desserts with us and decide for yourself which lavish dessert will be next on your bucket list. (Warning, you might have to apply for a loan for some of them).

  1. Strawberries Arnaud—$9.85 million

This one will have you chewing diamonds, folks. With the price it’s offered for, you’d think the strawberries will have the Elixir of Life, but they’re just normal strawberries albeit very sensitively culture in Louisiana, plump and sweet. The strawberries are stewed in ruby Port, Burgundy-style wine, cinnamon and clever.  They are topped off with scoops of vanilla ice-cream and a dollop lightly whipped Swiss cream, and 7 carat-pink diamond ring. Wanna pop the question? No better way to do it.

  1. The Absurdity Sundae—$60,000

Yeah, I know the name echoes the price: absurd! 60K for a sundae. This is no ordinary sundae, however. The promoters will fly you out in style to Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro where this sundae will be made live for you. You’ll be staying at a five-star hotel and the chef will make the ice cream right in front of your eyes using ice from the glacier on the summit.

Apart from the more-than-luxurious presentation and serving of the sundae, the ingredients are first grad ein quality and rare, too. The banana split in the sundae alone costs $3333.3 to make per scoop. The different flavors are made from bananas and berries concocted from special vines. Then when the big bowl is presented to the lucky and rich who has ordered it, it comes along with a handmade spoon from the 1850’s to be eaten with.

  1. Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Chocolate Pudding—$34,000

The most expensive pudding in Lahore is at Veranda Bistro and it does not cost even one thousandth of the cost of this rich chocolate pudding created by the culinary master Chef Marc Guibert. The chef has aspired to create the world’s most expensive pudding and his successful attempt is served in the shape of Faberge egg with a few costly embellishments as a treat.

There are three different types of Belgian chocolate, served within layers of champagne jelly, champagne caviar, edible gold leaf topping and a 2 carat diamond (which is not edible). With so much chocolate and caviar, the pudding tastes as good as it looks and costs, might I add.

  1. Frozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae from Serendipity 3—$25,000

The gilded dessert holds a Guinness World Record and taking a look at its astronomical price, you can see why it does hold such an honor. It beat its ancestor the Golden Opulence Sundae. The chocolate ice cream is made from cocoa from three different locations around the globe to give each scoop its uniqur flavor. The price is further justified by the 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold that is added as a garnish along with the $250 La Madeline au Truffle. Not only is the dessert a chocolate lover’s sexiest dream come to life, it is served in style, too.

The dessert is eaten with a special golden spoon, an 18-karat gold bracelet complete with 1 carat white diamonds and the ice cream is served in a goblet with a golden crown. You need to order the dessert almost three weeks in advance because the cocoa needs to be imported, so does the truffle from France, the gold from Switzerland (and frankly, you could use the time to load up on cash).

  1. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence Dessert, The Fortress Spa Sri Lanka—$14,500

The delicate dessert is an expensive and lavish twist on the Italian cassata; infused with Irish cream, seasonal fruit, a mango and pomegranate compote is served with champagne sabayon (Dom Perignon). It is then decorated with the resort’s own handmade chocolate carved into the shape of a fisherman grabbing his stilt. Then a gold leaf is added to the dish and an aquamarine is added to the plate which becomes too pretty to eat.

  1. The $1750 Cronut by Dum Dum Donutterie, London

The hybrid child of donut and croissant created by Dum Dum will take your dunot cravings to another level. This luxury version of the “Cronut,” called a “Cro” is made of saffron-infused black-and-white croissant dough created with Tahitian gold vanilla beans and Amedei Porcelana chocolate. Fresh out of the oven, it’s then topped with more chocolate, gold flakes, and Cristal rosé champagne caviar.

  1. Golden Opulence Sundae—$1000

Serendipity 3 is known for its opulent creations—especially two of its world expensive sundaes. This particular sundae is all about texture and flavor. Taking your favorite childhood dessert to another level the chef has combined rare ingredients to make this dream sundae:Tahitian vanilla ice cream infused with Madagascan vanilla beans and chunks of rare Chuao chocolate from Venezuela are in the list. Then comes the world’s most expensive chocolate from Amedei Porcelana used as garnish and drizzling. The ice cream is then decorated with gold-covered almonds, chocolate truffles, marzipan cherries, and covered with 23-carat edible gold leaf. Accompanying the ice cream is a tea-spoon made of mother of pearl with Grand Passion caviar, a gilded sugar flower, all served in a Baccarat crystal goblet with an 18-carat gold spoon. Whoa, talk about being extra!

  1. The Golden-Phoenix Cupcake—$1000

Available exclusively in the Bloomsbury Café in Dubai mall (the sheikhs can very easily afford this), the golden cupcake will have you shitting gilded stuff after consuming it 😉 The pricey ingredients include Ugandan vanilla beans, Italian chocolate, and strawberries dipped in gold. The icing is dusted with edible gold, too. To further add to your experience the cupcake is served with a gold spoon (you cannot take it home), but you’ll be more than happy munching on everything else gold in the dish.

  1. The Sultan’s Golden Cake—$1000

This dessert is for those who always wondered what it would be like to eat a brick of gold. Available exclusively at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel located in Istanbul. The actual cake is made of figs, pears, apricots and quince that are then put into a Jamaican Rum and soaked for two days. Talk about patience for eating a dessert. When the cake is ready, is topped with French Polynesia vanilla bean, caramel, black truffles, and a 24 carat gold leaf. Taking about 72 hours to make, the cake is then wrapped in a sterling silver cake box  with a golden seal. Feeling like a king tonight? Book a ticket to Istanbul to feast the cake of a sultan.

  1. The $100 golden donut by Manila Social Club in Williamsburg

Comparatively the cost of this golden teat is way less than those mentioned above, but it tastes just as good. Invented by a Filipino restaurant in new York, the purple yam donut is filled with Cristal Champagne, covered in 24-karat gold leafs and dusted with gold. It tastes great and the crisped skin of the donut makes for a damn delicious experience.

So folks, let us know which of these shiny desserts you’d like to eat?



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