The most common impression we all have about the British royal family is that their lives are decked in opulence; from their feasts to their feet, their consumer habits must be nothing short of lavish. But, a closer look at the gastronomic patterns of the most famous family on the planet revealed that they too do not eat like Mary Antoinette, the French Queen beheaded for throwing feats during famines or like desi families.

The Queen is 91 and still in excellent health, active and as we suspect, immortal. British royal family seldom falls sick and they all have statuesque bodies. What do they eat?

Well, according to the palace kitchens, their diet is balanced, not too extravagant, the produce they eat is organic (grown on their own land), and they, too, enjoy fast food from time to time. Have a look at what the royal family eats and what they are forbidden to indulge in.

The entire family are chocolate lovers

The Queen is the head of the royal household and by far the biggest chocolate lover amongst the lot. Her usual dessert at dinner always compromises of something chocolaty, usually it comprises of variations of chocolate mousse or her favorite, chocolate biscuit cake.  The Queen’s former chef, Darren McGrady, says she adores chocolate, be it from any of the luxury brands or just grocery store bought.

All types of shellfish are a big no, no!

If you had shrimps last time you ate, or are particularly fond of the sweet, succulent lobster meat, then you’re luckier than members of the royal household because they are utterly forbidden to eat shellfish. This is because of the high number of food poisoning cases that stem from consuming this form of meat. Especially on tour, this rule is more strictly enforced. Wouldn’t want to skip an official day due to acute puking :p However, Prince Charles is known to bypass this rule at home from time to time.

The Queen follows a “no starch rule” when dining alone

She usually takes her lunch alone and whenever that is the case, she bypasses pasta, rice and potatoes as sides for her lunch.  Her lunch is always simple consisting of fish with vegetables and she is quite partial towards grilled chicken with salad. She likes to eat grilled Dover sole with wilted spinach or courgettes. She is no foodie and usually just ‘eats to live’ whereas her husband, Prince Philip can talk about and eat food all day. One thing we can relate to, Prince Philip!

Prince William and Harry are big fast food fans

According to Princess’ Diana’s personal chef, she would seldom cancel lunch to ‘take out the boys for McDonalds”. Reportedly, the princes love burgers, McDonald’s fries, especially the toy with Happy Meal and ordering pizza with potato skins.

Finger sandwiches are a staple with the afternoon tea

While the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton usually opts for wholesome foods as snacks, like granola, the Queen has much more swagger and prefers finger sandwiches with her afternoon tea. The sandwiches are without crust, and usually have cucumber, egg and mayonnaise (Crown flashback), ham and mustard or smoked salmon.

No tap water, ever!

Whenever the royals are on tour, they are prohibited from drinking tap water. With the amount of diseases and viruses that are transmitted to the body due to untreated water, it’s no wonder the royal family doesn’t risk their health.

Their dinner is usually fancier than lunch

A typical dinner at Windsor will consist of meat from game hunted or reared on their farmlands in Sandringham or Balmoral. It might be pheasant, venison, beef, lamb or chicken; whichever meat the chef chooses, it comes from the Queen’s own lands or is organic. The roasts or steaks are accompanied by a mushroom sauce, a sauce in whiskey and cream. The Queen loves a good Sunday roast when it’s perfectly done. When at their private estate in Scotland, the family gets properly dressed up for dinner in full Downton Abbey style: wearing gowns and dinner jackets.

Prince Philip is a BIG foodie and dislikes the small portions

According to the previous royal chef Prince Philip absolutely loathes sticking to the rule of thumb that calls for small portions in fancier meals. He once switched his dinner with the staff because they were having lamb chops compared to the royal family which was supposed to have one-inch eyes of lamb meat. He doesn’t even care to abide by Prince Charles’ “all organic” rule. He just likes his food to be hearty and big in portions.

Leftovers are always used again, a practice imposed by Prince Charles

The royal family, like all of us, does store their food in Tupperware. The Queen sometimes serves her ownself with kellogy’s cereal that she stores in Tupperware to keep it fresh. Similarly, if the family had lamb roast for dinner last night, the leftovers will be stored in containers and the next day you could expect lamb pasties or shepherd’s pie. There’s a lesson to be learned here. With the world at their disposal, one of the richest families alive still watches that they do not waste food. The chefs are also advised to be as economical as they can with purchases. Bachat achi adat hai!

The no garlic rule

Ah, that is understandable: can’t risk having a meeting with a foreign dignitary and having bad breath after lunch. Dishes with too much garlic or garlic sauce are absolutely forbidden in the entire household. A rule no one is allowed to bypass. Yikes, goodbye garlic bread 🙁

The Queen is an absolute tea lover

She has a cup before breakfast and a cup after lunch, religiously. Accompanying her morning Earl Grey Tea are some biscuits, usually rich tea biscuits from McVities. After lunch, she prefers scones, jam pennies, honey and cream sponge cake or her favorite chocolate biscuit cake. We can totally imagine the Queen saying, ‘Zalima, chai piya dei’ (if she ever learns Punjabi)

Breakfast isn’t a fancy affair

The Queen usually has porridge with cream and sugar. Her usual choice also includes cereal and fruit, with her cereal being served out of Tupperware containers. Oftentimes she opts for toast and marmalade or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffles. She prefers brown eggs. Urdu mein bolei tu desi anda, bhaiyo.

So, folks what do you think about the royal family’s eating habits? Expected them to be gorging on poached lobster and foie-gras everyday? Surprised that they eat like normal people and don’t even have pancakes every day? Let us know your views.


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