It is easy to figure out what to have in lunch and dinner, but before exploring the streets of Lahore, never imagined that someday breakfast would be difficult too. Yes! You heard me right.

Lahore is definitely a food hub, in here there is no concept of consuming healthy or light diet. Let me explain it to you following are few places offering amazing, yummy breakfast on Lahore streets:

Waris Nihari:

Before hearing and visiting this place, I never believed this that nihari could be apart of my breakfast. It is located on Jail Road in Lahore, such mouthwatering dish. Amazing blend of ingredients and spices all together. After enjoying this nihari, finally made it to differentiate what is best and what is real. Waris Nihari has done justice to this dish, such delightful dish that can ever be forgotten.

Bundu Khan:

Bundu Khan is already famous for its BBQ, but in Lahore it is famous for their Desi- Nashta too.  Bundu khan is located at liberty Branch Lahore. No day’s limit, it is available throughout the weekday. This place offers a variety of items in their Desi-Nashta menu, including Bhujya, Puri Paratha, Halwa, Channa gravy, Patato Gravy, Yogurt and much more.

Desi-Nashta list is never ending, are you ready to start your morning with amazing flavors?


Have you ever imagined having kulcha and Paya in Breakfast? From me, it’s a no, but this is what Lahoris do. They are so fond of this dish that every morning they wait in queues to have Fazl-e-Haq amazing breakfast.  After such popularity, they have opened their branches in different places of Lahore, like in Gawalmandi, Red Light District, Fortress Stadium and more.

Can’t wait to enjoy those Sticky Payas with kulcha.

Sadiq Halwa Puri:

Halwa Puri is such a common breakfast all over Pakistan, but everyone cannot be consistent with the taste and aroma. Sadiq Halwa Puri is known for the consistency in the taste of their food and this is the reason why people prefer to start their morning with their Puri’s served with Gravies.


Butt Sweets:

Lakshmi Chowk is one of the busiest spots in Lahore, here at McLeod Road butt sweets is quite popular for their Desi menu. For a good start, a good breakfast is mandatory and Butt Sweets in Lahore is the stop. Enjoy your wee hour, with incredible halwa puri and once done with the main course end your breakfast meal with their delicious Rabri Doodh, nothing can ever compete with such an incredible start and aromatic, sweet yummy ending.

Capri Restaurant:

Opposite to Capri cinema in Liberty, there is Capri Restaurant without any doubt, this place is amazing. How can people miss out such amazing Food item in their lives, this is the question would want answers for?

Besides the traditional menu of breakfast, their Lassi is the cherry on the top, best item served as refreshment at Capri Restaurant.

Ready Fellas, How About a Change? Let’s make Capri Restaurant an excuse to start your day early.


A perfect example of an amazing life, starting with amazing aromatic breakfast and ending with a variety of amazing scrumptious dinner.

My plans are all set to go, are you on the same track?


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